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About Me

I am currently a sophomore student at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa. I’m taking an introductory course all about media technology and how to use it. I plan to take over the world with said knowledge. In reality, I don’t think that will happen but I do plan to use this knowledge to further myself and my career in the “real world.” My major is officially called Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Mass Media and is abbreviated as BTMM. Temple University is actually in the process of re-titling this major. It’s been an ongoing thing for months and still no change. It’s a very complicated task, a new name could change it all.

I have lived in or around the Philadelphia area almost my entire life. Pennsylvania has always been my place of residence. Since I have been so rooted in the state, my goal now is to be everywhere else for the remainder of my life. I plan on studying abroad hopefully at least twice in my years at Temple, both trips in Europe. I would also like to go cross country to California and work in L.A. Working in broadcasting in any arena would be great but the hub of it all – L.A. – would be ideal. This class is just one more step in getting to that goal.

I am a lover of cats and have just discovered http://www.kittehroulette.com/ It’s sites like these that make me happy that others obsessively love things the way I do. Over the course of my college life, my love for all things random has grown right along with YouTube’s random videos. Another thing I do obsessively is watch TV shows. I currently follow about 7 weekly TV shows and have watched more complete TV series than anyone else I know. I can quote lines verbatim from an episode of a show that I know not only the number episode of it but also the name of the episode. I’m hoping to make a career out of this obsession, hence my goal to go to L.A.

So that’s a little blurb about me, enjoy my blog!



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