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Project 3: Still Image Editing May 6, 2010

Posted by tub52399 in Assignments.

This project tells the story of a woman and her boyfriend who are enjoying their time together but her mother disapproves of the relationship. After an argument between the women about the relationship, they think on their own about the situation and end up coming to terms with each other. The woman then returns to her boyfriend after gaining her mother’s approval. I started with the establishment of the relationship between the man and woman and then intersected those images with the mother staring broodingly at the couple. The music is at first light and airy to resemble the relationship and then changes to dramatic and solemn for the length of the argument between the two women and during their solitary contemplation. It then changes back to the original music when the images show the women reconciling and the daughter gaining approval. It ends with her return to her boyfriend now that all wrongs have been righted.

I used two songs from Free Music Archive from the following two links:





1. aboombong - May 7, 2010



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