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Project 2: Webpage Design May 6, 2010

Posted by tub52399 in Assignments.

This website is the official website for an up and coming actress Emma Donnelly. Emma is somewhat new in the world of Hollywood but promises much potential in her future films. She is very hands-on in her career and designed the site herself. She chose her favorite colors which is why the array of colors is very small, basically only purple and robin’s egg blue. She is working to showcase herself online with her site and tries to update it as much as possible. The page on the screen is currently the homepage with the latest news of what Emma is up to as well as a link to her latest film’s trailer. The same “Latest News” update can be found via the “news” link in the navigation bar. The navigation bar is at the top of the page and leads to several pages each focusing on different aspects of Emma’s life. Emma wants to stay connected to her fans on a more personal level which is why there are social networking icons in the right bottom of the screen to follow Emma either on Facebook or Twitter. I kept the site simple in its design on purpose, because I wanted to show that it was a “new” site, very recently created to showcase the talent of an actress who was very recently discovered.



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