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Project 1: Website Analysis May 6, 2010

Posted by tub52399 in Assignments.


Daniel Thompson Bridals is a bridal boutique in Mt. Holly Springs, Pennsylvania that specializes in bridal gowns of any design. When exploring the website, it is obvious that this is a small business in which Daniel Thompson himself still plays a large role. The website serves as a connection between the business and its customers with multiple links devoted to information about getting into contact with the business. The site is simple in its design and basic in its layout. As such, the same is felt about the bridal gowns designed by Daniel Thompson.

What works about the website is the simplicity of it. When clicking through the links, it is not overwhelming or filled with too much information. It is easy to see every aspect of the site from the home page and on every link thereafter. The site displays the gowns to advantage, having a separate link labeled as “Gallery of Gowns” with pages of photos showing the gowns with the names of the designs. This site is very accessible to viewing. There are no hidden links or a long chain of links to try to see the photos of the gowns. Everything is very straightforward in its presentation.

What does not work about the website is the lack of sophistication. As a site for chic bridal gowns, beauty and elegance is expected. For someone who is designing and creating bridal gowns, this should be reflected on a website showcasing their work. Daniel Thompson Bridals does not have this on the site. It is too simple in its design, which is explained later in this paper. There is no uniqueness in the choice of colors for the site (basic white and cream and lavender). It does not give the impression of a great, fabulous bridal boutique. Aside from the design of the header featuring the name “Daniel Thompson Bridals,” there is no elaboration to any part of the site.

The design of the site is a basic web homepage with links to other pages featuring more information about the business and contact information. There is an elaborate header with the name of the business done in blue and white and Papyrus font with a flower design. Other than that, the site is white with black Times font. The navigation bar is vertical and placed in the top left corner of the web pages. Every link works but some pages only have one line of information, making a separate page unnecessary for just one line. Every page also has a right aligned column with a photo of Daniel Thompson and the address of the boutique underneath. Beneath that is a notice that a calendar of events will soon be on the site. The layout of the site for every page is the header with the navigation bar on the left at the top of the page, the right column with a mailing address for Daniel Thompson, and the center of the page changing depending on the link of the page. Total, there are six links on the website and are as follows: “Home”, “About Us”, “Custom Gowns”, “Feedback”, “How Do I Get A Gown?” and “Gallery of Gowns.”

This website emphasizes the bridal gown designs of Daniel Thompson. It works as a display case for the gowns and as promotion for the business. This site has a happy tone, as it features bridal gowns, so what’s not to be happy about? It presents an image of a professional gown designer who has been in the business for years and is working from experience. Daniel Thompson has worked in several major fashion cities throughout the years but has now moved back to his hometown, bringing city couture to a local town. This site is intended for potential brides to peruse and choose a design for their wedding gown. It creates a picture of a happy bride on her wedding day, satisfied with her choices and radiant in her Daniel Thompson dress. While the site is able to achieve this image, there is still room for improvement in the design and layout of the site. It could be elaborated and some of the redundant information could be eliminated. Yet despite these design errors, the site is still successful in presenting an image of elegant and unique bridal gowns designed by Daniel Thompson.



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